A working project for the recognition of British Longhair is in progress:

Step 1: accepting the BLH into BRI Breedcouncil - accepted

Step 2: collect pedigrees and writing the Standard for the Coat in progress


GA Decisions 2014.


Recognized BRI * 25/ Ticked tabby. 

And British Longhair has received an EMS BLH x * non



GA 2013 Decisions:

By 1-1-2014 British is now British Shorthair


We have new colours recognized for British Shorthair by 1-1-2014

Silver and Golden pointed

Pointed with white.


The patterns – 11( shaded)  and -12 (shell) in British Shorthair are now only - 11 Tipped

Further the GA decided that the age of showing kittens is raised up to age 4 months


Compulsory Student Judges Seminar on 08.12.2012


The next Compulsory Student Judges Seminar will be held in Groningen, The Netherlands, on Saturday 8th December 2012. The programme, the venue and further details of the seminar can be found here.


From 1-1-2012 The Colours Cinnamon and Fawn in British are now recognized.


General Assembly Albufeira Portugal:  24-25 May 2012
26 may Judges Seminar
FIFe world Cat Show in Croatia : http://www.worldcatshow2012.com/